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Парни, один клоун как то кикает всех игроков, подозрения на кик пакетами. Как фиксится?
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# Thanks for downloading ViaVersion
# Ensure you look through all these options
# If you need help:
# Discord - https://viaversion.com/discord
# viaversion.com - Discussion tab
# Docs - https://docs.viaversion.com/display/VIAVERSION/Configuration
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
#                     GLOBAL OPTIONS                       #
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
# Should ViaVersion check for updates?
checkforupdates: true
# Send the supported versions with the Status (Ping) response packet
send-supported-versions: false
# Block specific Minecraft protocols that ViaVersion allows
# List of all Minecraft protocol versions: http://wiki.vg/Protocol_version_numbers
block-protocols: []
# Change the blocked disconnect message
block-disconnect-msg: You are using an unsupported Minecraft version!
# If you use ProtocolLib, we can't reload without kicking the players.
# (We don't suggest using reload either, use a plugin manager)
# You can customise the message we kick people with if you use ProtocolLib here.
reload-disconnect-msg: Server reload, please rejoin!
# We warn when there's a error converting item and block data over versions, should we suppress these? (Only suggested if spamming)
suppress-conversion-warnings: false
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
#                  GLOBAL PACKET LIMITER                   #
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
# Packets Per Second (PPS) limiter (Use -1 on max-pps and tracking-period to disable)
# Clients by default send around 20-90 packets per second.
# What is the maximum per second a client can send (Use %pps to display their pps)
# Use -1 to disable.
max-pps: -1
max-pps-kick-msg: You are sending too many packets!
# We can also kick them if over a period they send over a threshold a certain amount of times.
# Period to track (in seconds)
# Use -1 to disable.
tracking-period: -1
# How many packets per second counts as a warning
tracking-warning-pps: 120
# How many warnings over the interval can we have
# This can never be higher than "tracking-period"
tracking-max-warnings: 4
tracking-max-kick-msg: You are sending too many packets, :(
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
#                 MULTIPLE VERSIONS OPTIONS                #
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
# Should we enable our hologram patch?
# If they're in the wrong place enable this
hologram-patch: false
# This is the offset, should work as default when enabled.
hologram-y: -0.96
# Should we disable piston animation for 1.11/1.11.1 clients?
# In some cases when firing lots of pistons it crashes them.
piston-animation-patch: false
# Should we fix nbt for 1.12 and above clients in chat messages (causes invalid item)
chat-nbt-fix: true
# Experimental - Should we fix shift quick move action for 1.12 clients (causes shift + double click not to work when moving items) (only works on 1.8-1.11.2 bukkit based servers)
quick-move-action-fix: false
# Should we use prefix for team colour on 1.13 and above clients
team-colour-fix: true
# 1.13 introduced new auto complete which can trigger "Kicked for spamming" for servers older than 1.13, the following option will disable it completely.
disable-1_13-auto-complete: false
# The following option will delay the tab complete request in x ticks if greater than 0, if other tab-complete is received, the previous is cancelled
1_13-tab-complete-delay: 0
# For 1.13 clients the smallest (1 layer) snow doesn't have collision, this will send these as 2 snowlayers for 1.13+ clients to prevent them bugging through them
fix-low-snow-collision: false
# Infested blocks are instantly breakable for 1.13+ clients, resulting in them being unable to break them on sub 1.13 servers. This remaps them to their normal stone variants
fix-infested-block-breaking: true
# In 1.14 the client page limit has been upped to 100 (from 50). Some anti-exploit plugins ban when clients go higher than 50. This option cuts edited books to 50 pages.
truncate-1_14-books: false
# This prevents clients using 1.9-1.13 on 1.8 servers from receiving no knockback/having velocity bugs whilst sneaking under a block.
change-1_9-hitbox: false
# Similar to the above, but for 1.14+ players on 1.8-1.13 servers.
# WARNING: This gives 1.14+ players the ability to sneak under blocks, that players under that version cannot (sneaking in places that are only 1.5 blocks high)!
# Another thing to remember is that those players might be missed by projectiles and other hits directed at the very top of their head whilst sneaking.
change-1_14-hitbox: false
# Fixes 1.14+ clients on sub 1.14 servers having a light value of 0 for non full blocks.
fix-non-full-blocklight: true
# Fixes walk animation not shown when health is set to Float.NaN
fix-1_14-health-nan: true
# Should 1.15+ clients respawn instantly / without showing a death screen?
use-1_15-instant-respawn: false
# Enable serverside block-connections for 1.13+ clients - all of the options in this section are built around this option
serverside-blockconnections: false
# Sets the method for the block connections (world for highly experimental (USE AT OWN RISK) world-level or packet for packet-level)
blockconnection-method: packet
# When activated, only the most important blocks are stored in the blockstorage. (fences, glass panes etc. won't connect to solid blocks)
reduce-blockstorage-memory: false
# When activated with serverside-blockconnections, flower parts with blocks above will be sent as stems
# Useful for lobbyservers where users can't build and those stems are used decoratively
flowerstem-when-block-above: false
# Vines that are not connected to blocks will be mapped to air, else 1.13+ would still be able to climb up on them.
vine-climb-fix: false
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
#             1.9+ CLIENTS ON 1.8 SERVERS OPTIONS          #
# ----------------------------------------------------------#
# No collide options, these allow you to configure how collision works.
# Do you want us to prevent collision?
prevent-collision: true
# If the above is true, should we automatically team players until you do?
auto-team: true
# When enabled if certain metadata can't be read we won't tell you about it
suppress-metadata-errors: false
# When enabled 1.9+ will be able to block by using shields
shield-blocking: true
# Enable player tick simulation, this fixes eating, drinking, nether portals.
simulate-pt: true
# Should we use nms player to simulate packets, (may fix anti-cheat issues)
nms-player-ticking: true
# Should we patch boss bars so they work? (Default: true, disable if you're having issues)
bossbar-patch: true
# If your boss bar flickers on 1.9+, set this to 'true'. It will keep all boss bars on 100% (not recommended)
bossbar-anti-flicker: false
# This will show the new effect indicator in the top-right corner for 1.9+ players.
use-new-effect-indicator: true
# Show the new death messages for 1.9+ on the death screen
use-new-deathmessages: true
# Should we cache our items, this will prevent server from being lagged out, however the cost is a constant task caching items
item-cache: true
# Patch the anti xray to work on 1.9+ (If your server is 1.8) This can cost more performance, so disable it if you don't use it.
anti-xray-patch: true
# Should we replace extended pistons to fix 1.10.1 (Only on chunk load)
replace-pistons: false
# What id should we replace with, default is air. (careful of players getting stuck standing on them)
replacement-piston-id: 0
# Force the string -> json transform
force-json-transform: false
# Minimize the cooldown animation in 1.8 servers
minimize-cooldown: true
# Left handed handling on 1.8 servers
left-handed-handling: true

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